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Full Time Students: 

Weekly Rate: $135 per child

Monthly Rate: $585 per child ($135x52/12)

Effective August 5, 2024, tuition will increase to:

All Rooms (except Infant)

Weekly Rate: $145

Monthly Rate: $628 ($145x52/12)

Infant Room

Weekly Rate: $155

Monthly Rate: $671 ($155x52/12)

School Age Students:

Before/After School Weekly Rate: $65 per child

Full time care options are not available at this time. We only offer care to school age children when Cook County Schools are open.

We use Brightwheel to send invoices and receive payment. Our preferred payment method is ACH, but we also accept Credit, Debt, Check, or Cash.

Payment is required every week year-round whether or not your child attends; this enables us to pay teachers a stable salary every week all year. No credits are given for sick or vacation days, holidays, staff training closure or closure due to inclement weather.

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